A Tale of Two Languages: The Code Mixing story

What is Code-mixing ?

Code-mixed Language Models and Applications

  1. Chatbot — Chat interfaces across domains in code-mixed languages
  2. Speech Recognition — Converting audio signals to code-mixed text
  3. Machine Translation — Translating code-mixed languages to matrix language
  4. Natural Language Generation — Generating code-mixed text
  5. Text Summarization — Creating a summary of a large body of code-mixed text
  6. Intelligent Personal Assistant — Virtual assistants like SIRI, Alexa which can understand and converse in code-mixed language and context
  7. Smart Keyboard — Code-mixed keyboards typically used for typing on smart devices, equipped with word completion and next word suggestions
  8. Spell/Grammar Checker — Automatic detection and correction of incorrect spelling and grammar for code-mixed languages

Challenges in code-mixing

Our Work on Code-mixing

Our Roadmap


Statistical Language Models

Neural Language Models

Switching Point Prediction Model


The MixTa Chatbot

  1. Customizable for a wide variety of domains
  2. Context understanding from conversation flow
  3. Automatic spell check/correction feature
  4. Support for multiple Indian languages
  5. Support for code-mixed Indian languages
  6. First, deep learning-powered multilingual chatbot with multiple modalities
  7. Novel code-mixed language models used in the backend of the chatbot

The Antaryami Smart keyboard




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